Understanding the 7 Types of Logo Design-Which One to Choose?

Types of Logo Design

Creating a stellar logo design is just the tip of an iceberg in the branding process, but the amount of detail and research that goes into designing a unique logo makes it an extensive procedure. After thorough research of the company background, a logo design agency has every detail it needs to make a logo, but before the design works start, it has to decide: which types of logo design will be better suited for the brand?

Different types of logos have their unique influence; some design types may be good for a brand and not so effective for others. Therefore, determining which design type to choose is also an important step. There Are various types of logo designs, but all of them are mainly derived from the basic seven types that are:

  • Logotype Logo Design
  • Lettermark Logo Design
  • Emblem Logo Design
  • Mascot Logo Design
  • Logo Symbols/ Brand Mark Logo Design
  • Abstract Logo Design
  • Combination Mark Logo Design

We can’t assure you that you will develop a pro-level understanding of these categories, but by the end of this article, you will be directed in the right direction to choose the correct design from different types of logos. Grab some popcorn and a drink of your choice because you are going to get filled with graphic information.

Logotype Logo Design

Put it into simple words; a logotype is a font-based logo with a minimalistic design approach. In this design method, the name of the company is converted into a logo with the help of visually appealing typography. Since there are no other graphic elements incorporated in this design methodology, it is essential to hire a seasoned logo designer who knows the art of using typefaces to create masterpieces.

If you hire a mediocre service, chances are they will miss out on the minute details that differentiate between a good and average logo design. Google, Coca-Cola, Visa, and Disney are some of the famous examples of Logotype logo designs that have captured the attention of millions worldwide by just the magic of stunning typography.

When To Choose?

The Logotype logo design strategy is adopted by many famous brands around the world, but this methodology doesn’t need to work for you as well. For your ease, we have jotted down the strong features of the logotype logo design technique:

  • If you are looking to create a strong brand recall, then this will help you achieve your advertising goal. By making the name of the company your logo, you will be able to print your company’s name on every marketing collateral.
  • The Logotype technique is suitable for startups who want their name out there in the market. Just make sure your brand name is short and concise; otherwise, it will look overwhelming and cluttered.
  • The organizations which have a distinct name can make a lot of this method. Unique names are easily distinguishable, and if the name resonates with the brand, then this methodology can do wonders for a business.
  • If your name is your name or what you do, then go forward with a Logotype logo design. It will create brand awareness, and people will get to know your brand because of the services you offer.

Lettermark Logo Design

Corporates with long names made up of many technical words use the Lettermark logo design method. Just like the Logotype, it is also a font-based design, but instead of the entire company name, just the initials are used to keep the logo short and appealing.

Like the Logotype, typography plays a vital role in this design methodology. An advantage here is that the designer can get more creative with the letters as the readability is not an issue because of fewer word count. Letters combined with an increased visual appeal have a high recall value and are bound to symbolize a brand. NASA, IBM, many designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc., are some prominent examples.

When To Choose

Before pursuing Lettermark logo design, make sure to hire a professional logo design agency and keep these aspects into consideration:

  • If your business has a long name and you want a font-based logo design, then this design is the way for you. Huge enterprises and law firms tend to use the Lettermark methodology, as it makes the brand look formal and trustworthy. A useful logo design type for brands in merchandising because a Lettermark logo design can be easily replicated on any medium.
  • A brand needs to be extra attentive towards fine details while adapting to the Lettermark; otherwise, you will end up with a generic-looking logo. Startups are advised not to go with this logo style, as their brand is new and not established. Your brand will go unnoticed, and chances are you might need to redesign your company logo that will add up the cost.

Emblems Logo Design

Emblems are one of the oldest logo design methods that people are using for quite a while now. They are heavily influenced by stamps and are often used to give a traditional look to a brand. An emblem logo contains a text or a symbol enclosed inside a shape; the physical attributes of the design make it look like a stamp. Most educational institutes and government bodies use this design to make their brand look official.

When To Choose

A traditional logo design method that has been pursued by many multinational companies, but is it good for you? Here are the points that you need to consider before making a decision:

  • Emblems are a perfect choice for all brands looking for a traditional look. It is a perfectly suited design method for schools and colleges. Moreover, it is a decent choice food and beverage industry as well.
  • All the brands that are after a classic look should take emblem logs seriously. Harley Davidson’s logo is an optimum example. The only thing that you might not like is the amount of graphics that go into the making of an emblem logo; the complexity of the design makes it difficult to replicate the logo on many mediums.

Mascot Logo Design

The logos that are involved around an illustrated character is called a Mascot logo design. As children, we all loved cartoons and were glued to the TV screens whenever our favorite shows aired.

The illustrated mascots are your brand ambassadors that will directly communicate with your target market. Of all the different types of logos, Mascot logos are quite tricky to design; only a professional and an artistic graphic designer should be trusted with the logo design.

The first brand that pops up in almost everyone’s mind when we talk about mascot logo design is none other than KFC’s iconic logo. Not only is their fried chicken delicious, but also the smiling and calm face of Colonel Sanders makes the entire experience joyous.

When To Choose

The question is: Is this the logo design method for you?

  • The brands that are looking to target families and children can benefit a lot from a Mascot logo design. Children love to interact with cartoon characters and will always prefer a brand that has a mascot. A brand that wants to establish itself as friendly and loving should get a Mascot logo design made ASAP. Mascots are cartoonish and fun; hence, they will give your brand a positive vibe to it
  • If you want your logo to grow with your brand and later on can be used as a nostalgic tool, then go for this logo design. Don’t consider this logo design if you are looking to give a serious message through your brand.

Brand Mark Logo Design 

Also known as Logo Symbol logo design, the Brand Mark logo design is created by using visual imagery that resonates with your brand’s name, services, or even the positioning. In the modern design concept, a symbol is the main design element that creates a unique brand identity for your business.

While designing the logo, make sure to choose the graphic visual that reflects upon your brand because the logo stays with a brand until the end.

When To Choose

The best aspect of Brand Mark logos is that they look classy no matter where you put them. Be it on a digital screen or printed at the back of a wagon, they will appeal to the eye that sets upon them.

  • The best way to symbolize your brand; you can deliver the brand essence through a visual image. The Brand Mark logo design is the epitome of brand expression among all the types of logo design.
  • The brand Mark logo design helps your brand to create global recognition because it doesn’t rely on any language to convey the message. Apple’s logo will have a strong recall in every part of the globe where they operate, and sometimes they dominate the tech markets even in the regions they are not officially available.

Abstract Logo Design

Abstract logo design also conveys the brand message using a symbol, but instead of using a known shape, it is an amalgamation of different shapes that have a sense of metaphors to it. The shapes not only represent your brand with visual design elements but also interacts with the people on a subconscious level. Abstract designs are not literal representations, but they are an artistic expression that evokes feelings rather than thoughts.

Let’s discuss the most successful Abstract logo design, the famous Nike Swoosh. It is minimal yet conveys a sense of freedom and movement.

When To Choose

A very captivating logo design style that might not be suitable for every target segment. Artistic expressions are not for everyone, and your audience may fail to grasp the message you are trying to convey.

  • Brands that want to inspire their consumers tend to use abstract logo design style. Many famous sportswear brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc., are some prime examples.
  • Just like the Brand Mark, Abstract logo designing methodology has the power to make your brand global. These designs speak visually and evoke the emotions of their worldwide following.

Combination Mark Logo Design

A design methodology that defies all the rules and gives the control in your hands. It’s a design method where you can get the best of several worlds.

As the name suggests, it is the method where words meet icons; practically speaking, you can use Logotype or Lettermark logo design with any of the above-mentioned design methods. Due to its versatile nature, it is widely popular among food manufacturers.

If you hire a professional design agency, then by implementing the Combination Mark logo design, you can attract the audience through visual and as well as verbal appeal.

When To Chose

You can’t go wrong with this logo design method unless you are a brand looking for a minimalistic design appeal.

The versatility of the Combination Mark logo design helps it evolve with your brand. If you are looking to improvise your design aesthetics in the future, then go for it. As mentioned above, this design method gives you the best of different types of logo designs. The power of words combined with visual appeal makes your brand recognizable among the masses.

There are no hard and fast rules in the creative world, but these guidelines help clients and graphic designers alike to determine the best possible option for creating a logo. Although we have discussed all the main types of logo designs, even then, choosing the right method can be a tricky process if you are not familiar with graphic design. You don’t have to go through all the fuss; let us do it for you!

At Techxide, we make sure that all the creative processes are followed because we believe in empowering our clients by giving them the best services possible. With us, you only get the best. Call us now and get a free guide to your design-related queries.


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