Online Logo Makers vs. Custom Logos: 5 Things they don’t want you to know

types of logos

Different types of logos are an essential element of brands and play a vital role in brand naming. They also dare to captivate the gazes at first sight. Logos have the audacity to be stuck in human minds for years and become the brand’s remembrance. It represents the brand’s digital image and reveals the hidden beneficial factors in the market. Creative and straightforward logos always unleashes the brand’s stories and recalls its past excellence among the people.

People never recognize the brands for their names; still, they can identify the brand’s logo at first sight. Do you know why? Because only logos can do wonders and keep secure the brand’s identity in millions of heads. Countless companies create logos and strategies to call out the audience, and logos stand as brand digital soldiers in the first raws to protect their recognition.

What Does Will happen to Brands Without Logos?

Logos are the souls of brands. Brands without logos feel handicapped, and it is a very intimidating and haunting thought for the brands. They can not survive in the markets without their creative and inviting logos. In a few years, logos made the brands giant by capturing human interests and increased their sales pace more than their expectations. Let’s bang something more about numerous types of logos!

The Various Types Of Logos

There are myriad options for logos that are enchanting the market with their creative methodology.

types of logos

According to their products and services, every company varies their niches and demands the logo to bring something fruitful. The following few lines are briefly going to solve your puzzles regarding different sorts of logos. 

  • Monogram Logos

Monogram logos contain the alphabets such as WB, HBO, EA, IBM, HP, CNN, LG. It precise the brand’s names in 2 or 3 alphabets in a creative and savvy way. A monogram is known as a letter mark as it converts the brand’s lengthy names into a shorter version, for example, SOUND OF NEW YORK vs. SONY. Doesn’t it look so cool to say SONY instead of that more prominent name? That’s the potential of lettermark logos. 

  • Wordmarks

Wordmarks also reveal the same aspects as letter marks. The most prominent wordmark example in today’s era is Coca-Cola. It is used to remind your brand’s name consistently. Most startups and new businesses avail it and go for wordmarks to make sure people are unconsciously pinning their brand’s reputation in their heads. 

  • Pictorial Marks

Pictorial marks cover the creative icons or graphic images and represent the glamorous and alluring pictures on the logo. Examples are Twitter and Apple. The brands always choose pictorial marks for their logos, covering the entire business niche just in a positive image.  

  • Abstract Logo Marks

These are ultimately pictorial logos like Pepsi and Levis. It is a compelling and creative approach to reach out to the audience symbolically as a brand. It abstractly liquefies the entire brand image to represent the brand image smartly in the market. 

  • Mascots

In different types of logos, mascots reveal the brands into the illustrated characters cleverly. Sometimes being funny and cartoonish could affect more to the audience instead than serious logo approaches. The best examples of mascots are KFC and M&M’s.

  • The Combination Mark

As the name lets out the idea, it is the mashup of letter marks and abstract or mascot. The combination mark gets out the creative outlook and dares to attract the audience promptly. The best examples are PIZZAHUT and PUMA.

  • The Emblem

The emblems come up with text/font inside an icon. Only some companies go for this sort of creativity to spread their brand’s image as a logo. They are classy and have the creative mantra. The best examples of emblem logos are STARBUCKS and MASTERCARD.

What Characteristics Your Logo Should Have?

types of logos

Logos should have some eye-catching and identifying characteristics to link up the audience in a very savvy way. Some are the following ones;

  • Relevant: Logos must be suitable and inspires the audience with appropriate images, fonts, and icons.
  • Creative: If logos are not creative and never dare draw an audience’s eyes to your logos.
  • Simple: Logos should be eye-catching and straightforward that connect the logos.
  • Timeless: Logos should have long-lasting aspects to inspirit creativity forever.
  • Colour Sense: Logos should have eye-catching colors that don’t breach the attractive strategies. 

The Major Difference Between Online Logo Makers and Custom Logos

Various types of logos constantly undergo different phases of execution. Logo makers and custom logos are entirely separate and poles apart.

types of logos

Their creation phases never intertwined with each other, and both have dissimilar ideas of logo designing. These are the two vital variations of logo makers and custom logos.

The Inventive Custom Logos

Customs logos refers to the personal choices regarding fonts, designs, and color of your logos. It reveals the entirely different logo design approach that never matches the bulk quantities of logos representing their brands in the market. Companies hire custom logo designers for their business and companies’ logos according to the ideas that crawl in their minds regarding logo customization. 

You can utilize custom logo features to get out the creative mantra and undergo innovative custom logos. Many famous customization websites are there so that anyone can use custom logos such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and 99 Designs.

  • Communication: Clients can communicate your brand’s image & strategies by custom logos.
  • Colors: Companies can customize the color schemes in these logo phases.
  • Fonts: Individuals can choose the fonts you like, or you think that goes perfect for your brands,
  • Designs: Companies can create challenging and straightforward designs by hiring custom logo makers.
  • Visuals: Clients can create unique and creative visuals and balance the other logo elements.

Online Logo Makers

Online logo makers refer to their designing approaches by different websites. These sites depend on pre-design templates and create designs that undergo AI systematic mechanisms by getting all the customization ideas and creative clients’ notions. Some businesses, especially startups, never intend to hire professional logo designers and stick with the various online logo makers’ websites. Some websites are paid, and some are free of cost according to their templates, designs, and a broad range of creative logos.

Why Are Online Logo Makers Hazardous to Real Businesses?

There are so many absurd things that cannot acquaint the professional businesses and never accords with the executive deadlines. Logo makers should always undergo the appropriate and have apprentice characteristics that convey the exact and essential brand image to the market by influencing and effective logo design plans.

Online logo makers can temporarily put the golden charms just to fulfill the companies requirements; still, they never have the audacity to reveal the company’s core values in a logo throughout their witty and clever designing.  These are some preeminent and prominent factors of online logo makers that should be kept in mind whenever individuals try to hire them for their company’s or brand’s types of logos. 

  • Unprofessional Vibes

Online logo makers have no authenticity of professional attitude and compete for the professional behaviors of markets. They always design the logos to count the dollars and never put their entire energy and never undertake the zeal natures to create appealing logos for their clients.

They always have unprofessional vibes in their designs and logos and pure and worst color sense. Sometimes they come up with a fundamental and straightforward procedure for logo designing that never dares to grab the public attention at one go. 

  • Unoriginal Stretegies

Copies are always fade faster than anything, especially in the digital world. If any company desires to stick with the successful outcomes, they need to develop the original and genuine design logo brainstorming.

Companies can face stereotypes, cliche, and uncreative logo designs whenever they go for the online logo makers. Sometimes, online logo makers provide unoriginal and less unique logo designs that never match the brand’s persona. 

  • Less Creative 

Online logo makers are always less creative and never dare to cross the freedom deadlines. They always revolve around limited ideas and always use pre-templated designs that never allow them to develop ultra-modern and innovative logo-making strategies.  Sometimes they create dirty logos with poor font choices that feel like mind-gone ideas. 

  • Poor Photo Editing

Whenever companies go for their company’s logo designs, they represent their entire company throughout the creative logo designs. Online logo makers never consult professional logo makers and cannot utilize the full features of software like Photoshop and Illustrator to create the most eye-catching and alluring logo designs. They lack professional photo editing and produce shoddy and dreadful designs without even knowing the professionalism.

  • Copyright Issues

Companies always look after their work and never want to destroy their brand’s image in one go. Companies always go for copyright and trademark issues to spread the positive image out in the digital market and never allow someone to use their logos again.

Except for some logo makers, online logo designers never check out copyright availability and trademarks and try to copy another company’s logos to be creative and intelligent. Online logo makers just one mistake drastically ruin the company image, and they face the heavy plenties and worst feedback from the digital market.

5 Things Graphic Designers Never Dare to Reveal

types of logos

Ideas Inspiration

Inspiration can create miracles in a simple design and pluck up the courage to make those designs more creative and memorable.  Some ideas are creative, and some ideas are priceless. Graphic designers never intend to expose their inspirations.

They never want their customers to know where they are getting the creative inspirations for their logo designs that are so attractive; also, they are clever enough to grab the public attention at first sight.


A graphic designer’s research is all about learning new types of logos and creative notions about logo designs. Some graphics designers never dare to reveal their research process regarding ultra-modern and innovative types of logo designs. They never want their customers to take part in their creative boundaries.

Their creative research process places them at imaginative and originative paramount.  Their influential research factors evoke their zeal to create more eye-catching and powerful logos.

Vector Websites

There is a diverse range of websites that are overburdened by the templates and images for logo designs. Some favorite websites assist the new graphic designers; some professional ones are still fearless and never untie the stock images and templates they use for logo designs by some vector websites. Some famous vector websites are mentioned below;

Font Selections

Good fonts spread the good vibes, and bad fonts provoke uninterested actions. Graphics designers never unchain their font selections for their customers. They never release their ideas from where they get the most appealing and soothing fonts for their creative types of logos. They never let out their downloaded font resources and keep their customers in suspense. 


The entire graphic designing process is so confidential for every graphic designer, and graphic designers consider it the most critical part of their job. It is like blood in the body for them. They never courage to reveal their design execution process, such as 

  • Discovering the logo
  • The creative research over it
  • Brainstorming 
  • Sketching
  • Designing 
  • Revisions
  • Presentations

They only trust their creative process and always stick to the idea of not revealing skills for the sake of some bucks. 


Logos are the backbone of brand recognition and a vital part of a graphic designer’s execution process. Techxide is an emerging digital online service provider assisting brands in creative and modern logo designs. Techxide represents online and custom logo services to boost the brand’s digital image. The article mentioned the hidden areas of graphic designers they never want to reveal with their customers. Only creative logos attract and convey the customers’ first brand impression. If individuals desire to hire online or custom logo designers, they should consider Techxide for these aspects to experience ultra-modern logos. Happy designing!


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