The Science Behind Creating An Award Winning Logo Design

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The first question that pops up in the client’s mind is: How much does a logo design cost? Well, simply put, a logo design can cost you anywhere from $5 to a million-dollar price tag, depending upon: what you are getting designed and from whom are you getting it designed. Practically speaking, things are not that simple; there are countless aspects that go into the making of an award-winning logo.

With the hundreds of freelance websites to choose from, online platforms are full of thousands of options, each offering a different price tag for their logo designing services. Every logo design is unique, and the logo design cost will vary depending on:

  • Client brief
  • Research required for rebranding
  • Size of the organization
  • Hiring an agency or a freelancer

To further understand the importance of an award-winning logo design for an organization, you need to develop an understanding of the science behind it.

What is Logo Design?

In theory, a logo is a vector graphic icon that represents your brand and can be converted to any size without the loss of information. An award-winning logo tends to symbolize your brand. A comprehensively designed logo enables your brand to roar through the competition.

A logo design backed by extensive research tends to label the canvas with the brand identity. Whether it is a small coffee mug or a large display banner, a logo can personalize it by giving the essence of the brand. A logo helps the brand by:

  • Providing brand recognition on a global level
  • Making the brand consistent throughout by enhancing the reputation of the organization
  • Representing the entire essence of brand vision, thoughts, and values compressed into a symbol
  • Giving a brand a unique identity, helping it to stand out from the ever-expanding competition

The Process Behind An Award Winning Logo Design

Paying a hefty amount for just a graphic icon seems quite unreasonable, but there is a lot that goes into making a killer logo design for a brand. Only the research required for putting the pixels into a vector image is enough to justify the logo design cost, but for the content of our readers, who are probably looking to hire a logo designing service, we will just give you a brief look into a lengthy creative procedure behind every Award-winning Logo Design.

Conducting A Brief

The creative process starts right after the exchange of words between a client and a designer. The tone of the designer will tell you a lot about his professional conduct – you need to pay attention. A detailed questionnaire from the designers will help to capture the entire vision of a client. In this brief, a seasoned designer will extract the relevant information out of a client, and by the end of the conversation, will know about:

  • Company history
  • Mission statement
  • The design client wants
  • Client budget
  • Limitations of the project
  • The time frame

In-Depth Research

Designers get paid to come up with a logo design that resonates with the brand. A well-designed logo helps to develop a unique brand identity for an organization. To ensure a successful design outcome, extensive research about the client’s company is integral; skipping this step will result in a generically themed icon that will fail to serve the purpose of logo design.

Easily said than done, this is a step that requires hours of dedication and hard work. Coming up with a unique logo that has a distinctive graphic feature and vibrant color theme – resonating with the brand philosophy – is like writing a research paper in which you have to pay attention even to the minute details to master the perfection of an Award-winning Logo Design.

The Design Happens!

Finally, the step where the magic happens; a complete planning and devising the blueprint of the design, designers are now ready to bring the logo design to life. After Hours of screen time, thousands of strokes, and millions of pixels painted, the final design is ready to deliver.

Graphic designing is not everyone’s cup of tea; not only do you require design aesthetics and knowledge of design software, but you also need to have a workstation with the computing power to render heavy designs, which adds up to the logo design cost.

Countless Revisions 

To achieve customer’s content is no easy task; a client is rarely satisfied with the first design delivered by the designer. A professional logo designing medium will never leave its client unsatisfied and will leave no stone unturned in delivering an award-winning logo design, no matter how many revisions it takes.

The Logo Design Cost

People usually don’t like to pay a premium price for graphic designing work. They are more inclined towards saving money on design and are attracted to cheaper services provided by amateur freelancers, which prove to be expensive in the long run. The digital firm charges a premium, but the added benefits in terms of the uniqueness of the design elements make the investment worth it.

The quality of an award-winning logo design is that it empowers the brand; the boost in brand equity attracts the masses and provides an opportunity for the organization where it can outshine the market. When a logo tends to leave an impression, the brand earns a distinctive position which in time creates a sense of brand loyalty among the consumers. The brand then becomes a part of the lifestyle and is considered a personification rather than a product.

What Are The Options?

In recent years, the digital world has stretched its horizons far and wide. With the ease of internet access, many have embraced freelancing as their full-time career. Just type ‘logo design’ in a search engine box, and you will get thousands of options to choose from.

As mentioned in the beginning, you can get a logo made as low as $5, or if you’re looking to spend a fortune for your brand logo, the price goes up in the million-dollar ballpark. In this vast digital market, the pricing is also dynamic; Twitter paid just $15 to iStock for their logo, while British Petroleum spent a sum of $211,000,000 on their branding and marketing strategy.

It is necessary to spend a decent amount for hiring a reliable digital agency to get a premium logo design, but at the same time, saving yourself from getting bankrupt in the process. So, for your understanding, here is a list of different cost ballparks you can choose from according to your budget.

Budget-Friendly Options

Not everyone can afford high-end digital services; some of the businesses are humble startups that are on a tight budget. If you are a business that is just entering the market, you will have to maintain a strict balance between cost and quality.

  • Avoid Free Design Services

A fact that is as bright as the sun: you can’t get a logo designed for free. Mostly all the Websites that make such claims are a scam. You will probably not get a logo design, but your mind ends up with unwanted viruses on your computer.

  • The $5 Dollar Charm

Probably the most charming offer ever made in the digital world. The most common practice among entrepreneurs is to get their logo designed from such website platforms.

We personally advise you to avoid such services, but if you are considering it, then remember an average service provides a below-average logo design; the digital world is full of businesses with average logos. More of a template, such logos are easily forgotten due to their generic style.

  • Freelancers For The Win!

The best bet in this category is to avail, the services of a mid-level graphic designer. This is the best bang for the buck: you get a decent design without spending a lot. Just don’t forget to ask for the designer’s portfolio because for everyone designer, there are tons of scammers out there in the digital space.

Mid-level Digital Agencies

Usually, a decent-sized business goes for such options where you get the best of both worlds: quality, unique award-winning logo designs at a decent price tag. You are looking to spend anywhere between $1000 to $10,000 if you opt to hire a mid-sized digital agency.

Hiring the workforce to get the work done on a larger scale adds up to the logo design cost. If your visions are clear enough, you can get results that can do wonders for your brand. These digital agencies are a little bit more expensive than freelancers, as they work in teams and have more resources that can get the job done more efficiently.

High-end Digital Agencies

If money is not an issue, these services are the way forward; they go the extra mile to make your brand look larger than life. Prices go up to a million dollars if you are ready to take an extra step. Their service is like owning a premium Citizen watch; it not only tells the time, but it sets you apart from the ordinary. A premium price tag comes with extra services as well. You just don’t get an award-winning logo but an entire brand philosophy accompanied by it.

These agencies are home to the best researchers, marketers, and digital designers that collectively work to achieve the best possible logo designing solutions that money can buy. But having said that, do you really need to spend this much on a logo design? While the choice is yours to make, but if you do avail yourself the best, keep one thing in your mind, you get the best!

Finding The Sweet Spot

Managing logo design costs and still get an award-winning logo design is an art you can master, only if you know what exactly you want in your logo, so you only pay for your wants rather than your desires.

Expensive is not always a better option; at times, it’s just a pricier alternative to a design you can get for far less. At Techxide, we defy the common pricing strategies; we are rather focused on providing you with the best logo designing services in your given budget. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget or you have thousands of dollars to spare; we believe in providing optimum logo designing service to everyone.


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