The Anatomy of a Modern Logo Design

Great Logo Design

A logo is a brand’s essence compressed into a creative and unique symbol

A logo is the main factor in branding a business that makes a company look trustworthy. It is one of the first design elements that your consumer comes across; according to a report, average consumers require around 5 to 7 impressions before they start recognizing a brand logo.

67% of small companies can pay a price tag up to $500 for a unique logo design

Undoubtedly, compressing the entire brand manifesto into an infographic is no easy task to perform, but it has its perks; a press release published by 99designs states: 80% of businesses have linked logo designing with the success of a brand.

A logo might appear small, but trust us, there is more than what meets the eyes. A logo design agency can charge you up to millions for a great logo design because you need an army of creative individuals to come up with something extraordinary.

The Secret Ingredients Of A Modern Logo Design

Like your favorite cuisines, logo designing, too, has some secret ingredients that ensure its uniqueness. Don’t be fooled by the appearance – The logo design agencies follow a strict process that involves imagination and tons of creativity to transform an idea into a logo.

  • Client brief – initial work starts by looking at the client’s idea and discussing the possibilities
  • Background Research – extensive research goes into the making of a logo. Otherwise, it would end up looking generic
  • Drawing the concept – the first draft of the design are outlined and reviewed by the entire design team for further revision
  • Incubation – if required, the idea can be put into incubation so that it can mature further
  • Visual Presentation – After the design has been made, the logo design agency needs to create a visually appealing presentation to explain the ideology behind the logo design
  • Deliver – once approved, logo design along with other creatives are delivered to the client


Color is the soul of every modern logo design!

Human Beings are naturally drawn towards color; a study suggests that people are attracted to ads, compared to black and white ads.

There is an 80% increased brand recognition by using colored logo designs. For instance, the coca-cola logo is recognized by 90% of the global population because of its distinctive red and white color palette.

A logo design agency does not randomly decide the color palette; certain factors determine the logo colors. A report suggests: consumer behavior is affected by up to 90% by color shade alone.

  • Colors are mainly decided based on their psychological impact on the human mind. Even the color shade can significantly impact the meaning of a logo.
  • The cultural importance should be kept in mind too, as colors have a different impact on different regions of the globe.
  • Ideally speaking, you should not turn your logo into a rainbow. 85% of top brands use only one or two color tones in their logo design.
  • While deciding the shades, you need to keep an account of the gender you are tapping to; Men prefer bold colors, while women are attracted to soft hues.


Lines will guide the attention to your modern logo!

Lines are everywhere we go. They are essential because:

  • Lines divide space
  • Lines give a sense of depth
  • Lines gives direction

ArtyFactory – an online resource for visual artists – describes lines as the foundation of the entire drawing work. It furthers states:

can use lin to suggest shape, pattern, form, structure, growth, depth, distance, rhythm, movement, and a range of emotions.

Lines are a helpful tool utilized by designers to draw attention to a logo’s main element. Moreover, different lines are used for various purposes:

  • Thin lines signify elegance and are mostly incorporated in female-oriented products
  • Thick lines are used for showcasing masculinity and strength
  • Straight lines predict periodicity and consistency; mostly use to underline for emphasizing the importance of some text
  • Curved lines portray enthusiasm and positive energy. These are useful to communicate fluidity, grace, and positivity.


The color palette, lines, and shapes are the key elements in building a logo. On the other hand, the composition is the art of placing and sizing these elements to give the logo design an attractive appeal.

A composition can either make or break a modern logo design!

Composing a good design is a process in itself. However, the following consideration is to be kept by a graphic designer to ensure a pleasing composition:

Sizing And Placement

Size is directly proportional to dominance; the designers scale up the element which needs to be focused on to give it importance. The placement of a design element also signifies its importance. If a designer wants to draw attention to a specific design element, he will mainly place it at the Center.


Dominance incorporates visual hierarchy in a modern logo. Therefore, a designer needs to decide which elements should be more dominant than the others.

Dominance helps create a focal point in the design that draws the viewer’s attention. Such focal points maximize the efficacy of a good logo design.


Depth gives perspective to your logo. Modern-day businesses are inclined toward 3d logo designs. The Center provides a touch of realism to the overall design and attracts more people to the logo.

Some options quickly transform elements into 3d, but most seasoned designers rely on shadow creation for giving depth to their designs.

Spacing And Balance

Negative spacing is as important as the area filled with graphics; spacing between the logo elements gives a restful and calm look to the design. However, too much spacing can make the logo look inconsistent.

Designers use symmetry and asymmetry to give meaning to their logos. Symmetrical designs portray a formal and corporate image, while asymmetry personifies rebellion, playfulness, and casual tone.


Different elements of a logo design should be linked so that they seem a part of the same logo. Harmony gives a sense of visual relationship among the components; linking shapes, lines, text, and other factors will make your logo design more appealing and complete.


Fonts will take your brand logo to the front!

Fonts are more than just a typeface; they have the power to alter the perception of a viewer. As a result, a creative logo design agency often takes a leap of faith and experiments with different types of typefaces.

A font’s shape alters the tone of the message; a message written using Helvetica will be perceived differently than the same message written in Times New Roman. In simple words, your font is the tone of your written notice; you may sound casual or severe depending on the font you choose.

study was conducted at Wichita State University to determine the perception of different fonts among the students. The following are the findings of that study:

  • Traditional fonts like AErial and Times New Roman were considered unimaginative and unattractive. On the other hand, they were perceived as the most stable and mature typefaces
  • On the contrary, fonts such as Comic San were famous among the students as hip, casual, and fun to use the typeface

logo design agency should be niche-specific while deciding a font for a brand they are working on. For example, a severe and mature font like Times New Roman is a better choice while designing for corporate business, and a casual tone San Serif would suffice for a coffee shop logo design.


Every logo, be it an icon or text-based, has a shape. For example, look at IBM’s logo, it is a typeface logo, but you will find the rectangle shape element is used extensively if you look closely.

Shape the perception with your fantastic logo design!

Humans have a great tendency to identify an object because of its shape. In fact, according to psychological studies, shapes have a huge impact on our minds. Each shape has a hidden meaning attached to it, and marketers have always cashed on the opportunity.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have a definite form and are man-made. They give a distinct feature to a logo design. Geometric shapes stand out and provide a sense of authority to the logo.

  • Squares and rectangles give a sense of strength and stability because of their strong association with buildings. Most huge corporates like to incorporate squares into their logo designs
  • Circles, ellipses. Ovals and every other curved shape provide a sense of eternity- neither having a beginning nor an end. It also signifies harmony and unity. Curves are also associated with femininity, hence are used while communicating to women
  • Triangle is a strong shape related to power and stability. It helps in directing the attention at the top, but it can have different interpretations, depending upon its placement. An upright triangle will signify power and balance, while the downward one will portray risk and instability.

Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes are simplified versions of geometric shapes that have a meaning associated with them, for example, shapes of heart, star, arrows, like, and many others.

These shapes are beneficial to convey your message across the different regions of the world as it does not rely on any language. However, these shapes can make your logo look generic, so be vigilant while incorporating any abstract shape into your logo design.

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are found in mother nature. These shapes are as wide as your creativity allows you to be.

There are particular meanings attached to every element present in nature. For example, trees’ shape will signify calmness, while a symbol of a lion will showcase strength and bravery.

Techxide: A Design Magnate In The Digital World

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