Foolproof Branding Strategy to Kick-off the Year 2021

Branding Strategy

2020 has been a bumpy ride for the entire globe: economies have crashed, billions of people spent most of the year confined to their homes, all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, while conventional businesses had to face a severe decline, digital-based vendors bloomed.

The year 2021 might not be that different from 2020; therefore, brands must gear up and update their Branding strategy to stay fresh and relevant in the coming year. Digital is a fast-paced environment, where trends tend to change all the time; one day, you might see something, and the very next day, it is considered outdated. In short, digital shelf life is short!

So, keeping all aspects in place, we have come with a robust branding plan you must follow to dominate the digital landscape in 2021.

Analysis and Audit – Know Where Your Brand Stands

To move forward, you need to be aware of your current position. To devise foolproof branding for the future, it is essential to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding strategy.

Branding Strategy

It is a widespread belief that top brands don’t have to do much because of their prestigious image, but things are the exact opposite. It takes a lot of innovation to stay at the top, especially when the market is full of competitive startups that are ever ready to take your place.

Sometimes a brand needs to audit and try to answer the following questions:

  • How well is the brand performing?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current branding strategy?
  • Where do you stand as a brand in the market?
  • Is your branding aligned with the expectations of the customers?

To conduct a successful brand audit, you need to:

Create a Framework

You need to know about your mission and marketing strategy to create a framework. Having an organized structure will help you achieve your goals efficiently. You will need to know your target audience, the marketing strategy, and the natural dynamics of your operating market.

Question Your Consumers

It is all about customers’ satisfaction. It is necessary to carry out surveys to understand consumers’ buying behavior better.

Monitor the Data

The modern marketing world operates based on data alone. It is effortless to get your hands on such data in the digital world that can help you analyze the current market scenario.

Research – Be Updated With The Current Trends

As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies close. You always need to monitor the branding strategies of your competitors because to beat them, you need to study their moves first.

Branding Strategy

A good brand manager is familiar with every digital trend; it is easier for such a manager to develop new and innovative ideas that can uplift the brand. Brand research is a vital step to achieve creative strategies. It contributes insight-based opinions, product recommendations, and brand objectives. Therefore, it is a core component of every branding process.

Understand the Consumer Journey

Customer experience is so crucial that it can make or break a brand. It is possibly the new marketing battlefront because offering a better understanding will win the customer.

To provide the best customer experience, you need to be well aware of the consumer journey. The customer journey map is a map that shows the connection of a customer with your brand at any given point. Either it can be a strong connection or nothing at all. It all depends on how engaging your branding efforts are on all the touchpoints.

Branding Strategy

A brand manager must know all the touchpoints that a customer comes across throughout the buying process. Initially, the consumer journey map was considered a strategy tool, but now it has evolved into a procedure that reshapes entire business models.

The consumer journey map is capable of:

  • Helping to create a robust inbound marketing strategy
  • Helping to expand the consumer base
  • Helping to forge foolproof branding strategy

Knowing about the touchpoints also helps a brand manager create unique and engaging communication with the customers on every platform. For example, brands will only focus on building an emotional bond with the target audience on social media.

Humanize Your Brand

According to the Belarusian-American entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and Internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk:

We are living at the beginning of the humanization of business!

With unlimited options available at a single click, the consumers have become picky. They are no longer just investing their money, but also their emotions. The present generation is more interested in the story behind the brand than the actual product. Apple is the best example of a brand that has created a persona people love. The level of their success can be measured by the fact that they can put a $1000 price tag on a single monitor stand. They enjoy a deep connection with their loyal consumers that goes beyond the mainstream buyer-seller relationship.

Unleash the Power of Social Media

Social media is a good platform that can single-handedly elevate your brand image and popularity. A brand manager needs to make sure that the communication that goes on social media accounts resonates well with its tone.

People follow their favorite brands on social media and actively engage with them. The options available on all these digital mediums have greatly helped brands to create a special bond with consumers. The ability to stay connected with the target audience 24/7 has made it possible for brands to influence people’s buying behavior.

The brands use primarily social media to showcase their personas, which is the most influential aspect of a branding strategy. The co-founder of Buddy Media, Jeff Ragovin, says:

Brands that ignore social media will die. It is that simple.

Be Adaptable To Every Culture

A brand needs to adapt to different cultures; as the saying goes,

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

If you are a brand looking to expand your business across different demographic regions, you need to incorporate the regional flavor into your branding strategy; otherwise, you will not penetrate that market.

New brands need to learn from multinational companies like Coke, Unilever, P&G, etc., how efficiently they mix, and the culture of the region they are operating in. it is all about creating a personality that can resonate with the local mindset.

Conclusion – Stay Updated; Stay Relevant!

Future belongs to the brands that are driven by curiosity and are adaptable to change!

The future of branding is all about personalization and establishing a connection with the consumer. Now brands are focusing on developing an emotional relationship with customers. With the boom of digital media, brands have multiple mediums to engage the target audience personally. Through social media marketing, email marketing, ad campaigns, and other outbound marketing tactics, brands have successfully portrayed their human sides.

We can assure you that personalizing your branding strategy will help establish an unbreakable bond with your consumer base. People stay loyal to brands they can connect with. At this point, as a brand manager, you need to ask yourself: is your current branding representing the actual value of your brand? Is it capable of inciting emotions? Does your brand engage with the potential prospects across every touchpoint? Now is the time to revisit and assess where your brand stands. We at Techxide can help you achieve your goals because we have been doing this for years and will continue to do so for years to come!


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