How Much Does It Cost to Create an Award-Winning Branding Design

Branding Cost

Without beating about the bush, let’s come straight to the topic of how much does an award-winning branding cost? If your goal is to create a strong brand identity for your brand, you must pay a premium to get a premium branding design. But one thing is for sure that the benefits you shall reap will outweigh the cost.

A brand is a silent ambassador for your business that sets it apart, and contrary to popular belief, it is quite more than just a logo and some graphic design. There goes a lot in the making of stunning brand design in which the logo designing is just the tip of an iceberg.

Why Does Branding Costs So Much?

Branding is the process of mending perceptions until they are perceived as reality. Conveying your message in a way that the target audience can understand it entirely because branding is not what you are telling, rather what is being perceived.

A brand design is a product of highly creative and seasoned professionals who give their best to ensure a consumer’s pleasant experience when he interacts with your brand. You might be interested to know that according to an article published in Forbes, a reputed business magazine:

A consistent brand presentation across all the platforms  increases the revenue up to 23%

Moreover, the report states that 64% of consumers say that a pleasant experience creates trust with the brand.

Now that the importance of branding design has been established, it is safe to say that without an efficient branding, you will fail to connect with the audience on a personal level.

As established above, branding is a complex process that involves collaboration between experts in their field of work. A digital agency has to hire all these professionals to provide you with the best service possible, which adds to the branding cost.

To further develop an understanding of the cost associated with creating an appealing Brand design, let’s look into the entire branding process:

Conducting A Research

Conducting thorough research is like the foundation of successful branding. It helps research helps you determine:

–       The history of the brand

–       The current health of the brand image

–       Where the brand stands in the market segment

–       The strengths, weaknesses, and competitors of the brand

Sound knowledge of the current scenario directs the agency in the right direction that helps them to:

–       Create a base strategy for the perception the brand needs to build its narrative around

–       Set goals of the company according to the perception so that the company vision and values reflect upon the idea

Research is not an option, it is integral. A company may outsource the research, or it can hire an extra team dedicated for research purposes. Either way, it adds to the cost many folds; conducting surveys, workshops, and focus groups are both extensive and costly.

Strategy Development

Designing a brand strategy is a fine balance between creative thinking and a rational approach.

The strategy builds upon the research conducted and refines it even more to extract the information that will be relevant for constituting an effective brand design strategy.

Branding Cost

A team of highly-seasoned marketers – with a sound knowledge of the market and the current marketing trends – are required to design a branding strategy that can clearly define the company vision and the market segment relevant to the brand. There is a saying,

One eye on a microscope and the other to a telescope.

This is an approach to design a branding strategy because you need to look at the finest details to have the edge over the competition.

The cost may vary depending upon the client’s brief because, at times, companies don’t require complete branding. They are only looking to address the issues that are hindering their progress.

Designing the Identity

Brand identity is not what you tell to your customers, it’s what your customers tell to others.

The creative importance of this step also makes it one of the most expensive aspects of branding designs. The workforce and heavy editing machines are required to pull off the designs that the clients want.

You can read an extensive article that we published to address the cost associated with graphic design.

What are you looking for?

A Complete Branding

Starting from scratch, designing a brand strategy will be costly because you will require every element needed in the branding process.

The services you will be getting are as under:

  Detailed research to back up the branding strategy

  A team of dedicated strategist that are proficient in transforming businesses through their effective branding strategies

  Copywriting services, to come up with the name, tagline, and content for other digital platforms.

  A team of artistic approach graphic designers who will renovate your brand design

  All the marketing collaterals, so you don’t have to hire any other design service.

  Web design services for a smooth UI/UX interface for a premium browsing experience.

Only pay for what you really need. There is a possibility that your brand doesn’t need a complete revamp; you can actually save up a lot on the branding cost without sacrificing your brand identity. 

To do this, you need to self-access a few things about your brand.

  Does your vision align with your brand message?

  Does your brand have a unique brand identity?

  Does your brand have an appropriate brand personality?

  Does the tone of your brand match the vision?

  Does your website generate enough traffic?

  Is your brand popular among your target segment?

After conducting this assessment, hire those services that you require and save your company a fortune.

 How To Choose An Agency

There are multiple options for branding design out there; all you need to do is just google and walla! You will get thousands of options to choose from. As they say, things get tricky when you have multiple options.

Well, we have a solution for you; just follow the following steps, and you will be able to select a capable brand designing service.

A Big No To All The Beginners

Never trust a beginner for your branding design because it requires years of practice and experience to make an effective branding strategy. Most importantly, a single person can’t achieve a goal for which you need an entire team.

Most startups are allured by cheap branding cost and are left with a poor and generic branding design that is of no use.

Freelancers Are Not Recommended

Freelancers are the right choice if you are looking to get a single job done, but how can a single person be efficient in all the required skills for a branding design?

Even a well-versed freelancer will fail to create an inspiring brand identity for your brand and cost you a decent amount as they don’t come cheap.

Hire An Agency

The only way forward is to hire a reputable design agency as they have the workforce required to create a branding design. It might be a costly option, but an extensive team that will guide your brand to inevitable success will make the investment worth it.

To make the right choice and be protected from the scammers out there, you need to ask some relevant questions that will help you with hiring them.

      Do an online search – conduct an online search about branding agencies and look for online reviews to determine their reliability. 

      Know About Your Objectives – to get the most out of a designing agency, you need to be clear about your goals. If you are unaware of your brand vision, then how will you convey your message to the agency

      Ask About The Delivery Time – you need to know when the design agency will provide all the deliverables. Time frame is the key because not every firm can deliver on time.

      Set Up A Budget – prices will be high because branding is an expensive process, so be prepared for the quotations you will get. Keep one thing in mind class does not come in cheap; you get what you pay for.

      Select The Best – based on the above research, outline three or more firms you think can deliver the quality of work you are looking for. Make sure that these selected firms meet the criteria that have been discussed above. 

      Send Your Proposal – Send your proposals to the selected agencies and be realistic with the price you are offering them. Once you get the agencies’ response, choose the one you think will be most compatible with your needs – and at this time, you can’t go wrong with any of the agencies you have shortlisted.

In A Nutshell

It is a crystal clear reality that the needs of every company are different. To devise a unique, custom-tailored branding strategy, an agency should look deep into the challenges that a brand needs to overcome and capitalize on the opportunities that favor it.

We at Techxide are a digital agency where it is not about us, but it’s about you. We have transformed many brands that are now leading the market space. Our branding designs set us apart from the rest because we have raised the bar to a point where there is no catching up.


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