The Right Way to Design for a Black Friday Campaign in 2020

Black Friday 2020

The greatest shopping opportunity of the year is finally here! But unfortunately, due to the widespread COVID-19, Black Friday 2020 will be different from the previous years.

This year a majority of the population will be shopping online. According to a survey conducted by the LocalCircles, over 51% of the population is looking to shop for festivities from e-commerce sites and apps. This is a massive jump from 27% in 2019.

These stats suggest that online vendors should make the most out of this situation and hook their target consumers by appealing Black Friday ad campaigns. An average shopper spends around $300 on Black Friday sales; you can boost your sales by many folds if you are able to pull off a stunning marketing campaign.

But this is a competitive world where you have to fight for every click and conversion; a successful marketing campaign is only possible if it is well-planned and executed.

In this article, we will discuss a few steps that can make your Black Friday 2020 digital marketing campaign a hit.

Start Your Marketing Campaign As Early As Possible

You should start your promotions at least a month before the actual event. Building up anticipation among the masses is one of the most effective ways to promote your campaign. 

One of the key benefits of announcing your promotional campaigns is that people wait and save up money, so they can shop from your store at a discounted price. Furthermore, there is a huge chunk of people who might not be able to afford your products on their original price tag, but they surely can at discounted rates; promoting your Black Friday sale early on will help you attract them.

It’s all about creating a buzz in the market so you can be heard; the greater the buzz, the greater will be the result. You can promote your campaigns through personalized emails, social media, and content marketing.

Create A Countdown Timer

Black Friday Countdown Timer

If you don’t want people to forget about you, keep reminding them about your existence!

This is a busy world where people engaged in work tend to forget about things. The chances are high that your message doesn’t get through, and your campaign goes in vain. A consistent hammering of your message keeps your campaign alive. There are a lot of ways to do it, but the easiest way is to create a countdown timer.

At this point, you might be thinking that you are not the only business that is going to offer sales. Yes, you are correct, but by doing so, you will strongly connect the idea of Black Friday with your brand. 

If you pull off this successfully, it will definitely have a significant impact on your sales.

Be consistent with your Marketing efforts

Black Friday 2020 is going to be different because this year, every brand will be focusing on digital media marketing, and the stores with no online presence will suffer badly.

As discussed earlier, most of the sales this year will be through online platforms; therefore, it is crucial that you create a 360-degree digital marketing strategy. There are millions of internet users across the US who use different social media platforms for ours on a daily basis; you need to make sure you are digitally omnipresent so you can get every bit of attention.

This is a huge opportunity for scoring big, especially for those businesses that have taken a huge hit due to the pandemic. But it is not going to be easy because of the competition. In order to be successful in such a competitive environment, a brand needs to increase the share of voice (SOV), and the only way to do that is to be consistent with your marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing For The Win

Black Friday Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 has changed the way we use the internet. We are more online these days than ever. Due to the lockdown and other restrictions, people are working from home, students all over the globe are attending online classes, and people are socializing through different online calling applications. 

In short, we are consuming more content online than we normally do, which means all the social media marketing campaigns launched during this time will have a greater impact on the audience.

The new era of social media marketing has completely dominated the conventional marketing methods. These social media platforms have absorbed a huge chunk of advertising budgets because they offer the versatility that old marketing mediums just can not. 

The sales of your Black Friday 2020 will heavily rely on your social media presence. At this moment, your every effort into the upcoming event. These mediums allow you to start a conversation around your brand offerings through different creative tools like display images, banner images, videos, displays ads, etc. it is solely up to your marketing team how it utilizes the power of social media.

Google Ads Are Your Best Friend

 As Black Friday is approaching, people will start searching online for the products they need. In this scenario, google display ads will be quite helpful.

There are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, and the chances are high that some of the searches are related to your product. Google shows your ads to everyone who has recently searched about a product related to your offerings. 

A good amount spent on Google Ads will ensure a high ROI and is a lot cheaper than conventional media.

Influencer Marketing Can Be A Game Changer

Social media influencers have proved to be quite useful for brands in this digital age where people look up to certain personalities for inspiration. 

According to a survey, almost 80% of the marketers all around the globe partnered up with influencers back in 2015. Having influencers with a massive following adds credibility to your ad campaigns. You might not believe it, but the fact is that 70% of teenagers trust social media influencers more than traditional celebrities; moreover, 86% of women use social media to seek advice for purchasing. 

Social media influencers are associated with some professions like health, fitness, cooking, lifestyle, etc., so the people following them find their opinions quite credible. You can easily reach your target if you choose your influencers wisely. 

Not only do you benefit from their social media reach, but you will also generate a lot of traffic on your page coming from their channel.

Decorate Your Website

Black Friday Website Design

You should give your website a makeover the moment you start your campaign. After all, your website is the most important digital asset.

Not having an updated website can be a huge turn-off. There is a possibility that your user is directed towards through a google ad and wants more information regarding your offerings. It is crucial that you create special offerings for the Black Friday sale; otherwise, it won’t create the punch you need to hook the audience.

There is no need to introduce new products; instead, just change the theme and add some elements so your website visitors can feel the excitement of Black Friday 2020.

Wrapping It Up

Black Friday is like a goldmine for the brands, and to make the most out of it; you need to be prepared.

Like we said earlier, during this time of the year, every brand makes an effort to sell. But only the one will make through this market that has planned a loud and clear digital marketing campaign.