The Magic Of Creating An Award Winning Website Design

Website Design Cost

Hiring a digital agency for developing a website design will cost you a fortune, but it’s peanuts compared to renovating an office. Whether you work online or offline, a website is necessary to establish your digital world presence.

Web developers are the architects of your digital headquarters

After all, a website is your digital headquarters, and the time has come that you start treating it like one. Besides, a well-developed website adds a ton of credibility to a business’s reputation.

According to a report published by Comscore – an American data analysis company – 93% of business decisions start after websites’ online searches.

Web designing is expensive, but the absence of digital media is unaffordable

Digital media is where the action is; according to the latest stats, there are about 3. 5 billion searches on Google daily, translating to 1.2 trillion searches in a year worldwide.

Website Design Cost

Every second, Google processes over 40,000 research queries on average; imagine the possibilities you can tap into by having a stunning website. Web page development can cost you from $0 to $100,000, depending on several factors.

One Time Cost

Building a website from scratch involves some one-time costs that vary from developer to developer. You are looking at a price tag of anywhere between $12,000 to $150,000. Web design cost depends on the number of details you are looking to put on your web page.

Basic Web Design

Choosing a basic web design is a feasible option for startups looking to establish a digital presence without sacrificing much on the features. The basic doesn’t mean a mainstream website design; it follows a minimal approach by which you can generate decent web traffic. By going for basic web design, you get a platform where you can spotlight your products/ services, attract customers, and generate leads by incorporating a form section on your web page.

A simple design approach helps keep the web design cost to a minimum while boosting the response time. You get a smooth browsing experience coupled with SEO-optimized content – an absolute necessity of a business to score high on the digital scape. It will lack some advanced features but is a perfect option for businesses on a limited budget.

Cost: Around $3000 to $6000

High-End Web Design

High-end web design gets your website all the advanced features that ensure web traffic. You are paying a premium price and, in return, getting a more attractive, feature-rich web page whose effectiveness belittles the competition.

Website Design Cost

The robust design and SEO-optimized content boost your sales and generate leads in huge numbers. When compared with the basic web design, the elegant and stunning user interface of the high-end web design creates a more substantial impact on the site visitors.

Besides, you can create your own blog section where you can directly communicate with your consumers to boost the sales funnel further. The price you pay ensures your dominance over your competition – with advanced features like e-commerce, blog section, forms, and video content, you will surely stand out.

Cost: Around $6000 to $100,000

Maintenance Cost

A website requires regular service to perform smoothly and generate good results. Without a regular update, you will end up with a poorly performing web page of no use.

Maintaining your website to ensure high performance is a necessary step that you need to practice. But first, you need to decide whether you will host your website yourself or hire a web developing agency.

  • Hosting your site is always a cheaper option. While hosting your website, you need to keep an account of the SSL certificate and managing CDN to ensure fast response time
  • We recommend hiring an experienced web developing agency if you have no substantial experience in developing websites. Website design cost can be managed by opting for services according to your budget (explained above)

Yearly Maintenance Cost

  • You need to renew your domain on a yearly basis, which costs around $2 to $20 per year.
  • To ensure web security, you need to renew your SSL certificate by paying up to $15,000 per year.
  • An annual fee has to be paid to ensure the smooth running of a website. The price ranges from $24 to $10,000, depending upon the plan you subscribe for
  • While many services like WordPress and Joomla provide free services, some of the Content Management services have additional costs. Large enterprises spend up to $40,000 every year on a CMS service.
  • E-commerce shops need to be maintained, or it can ruin the sales funnel. A fully functional eCommerce functionality is an essential commodity that an online business can’t compromise on. Maintenance can cost from $180 to $300 yearly.

Website Templates

Freelancers and small websites that are just setting up their business and want a digital presence can buy customizable website templates. These templates are in the $30 to $300 ballpark.

There are a bunch of sites that are offering quite premium website templates at reasonable rates, such as Squarespace, Template Monster, and Wix. Some of these platforms are very user-friendly and require no knowledge of programming language to use them.

Website templates can significantly reduce your website design cost, with the only setback being not getting a unique design that you can get by hiring a professional web developer.

Custom Website Design

Whether a startup or a large organization, standing out from the rest is the primary goal of every business; that is why most corporate entities avoid using website templates; instead, they opt for agencies that can tailor a website according to their needs.

Website Design Cost

Freelancers/agencies usually charge on an hourly basis, and to manage website design costs, one should know the requirements and the customizations he needs on his website.

Web design pricing mainly depends on the complexity of the web design you are after.

Simple Websites

Simple websites are easy to make and are the best option if a company is looking to save on website design costs. It will lack most of the advanced features, but it will provide you with a unique design.

Simple web design pricing ranges from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the service you choose.

Complex Websites

A Complex website is a way forward for huge enterprises looking for web designs with all the advanced features an agency offers. The complexity involved in the making increases web design costs because these websites are expensive to make, and a company needs to pay a massive amount for website maintenance.

Complex designs will set you back $150 to $300 per hour; these designs also take hours to design, adding to the overall cost.

Elements of Web Development 

Here is a quick sneak peek at the elements that go into web development affecting web design pricing.

Domain [Up to $12 Annually]

The first step is to register your name. A domain is required to create a unique name that is specific to your business. 

A domain name is your online identity, like a fingerprint impression. They can cost from $1 to $12 yearly. It is not a one-time cost; you have to pay a fee annually.

SSL Certificate [Up to $1500 Annually]

It is a certification that makes you and your clients feel secure. It will help you build your website’s credibility, especially if you are an e-commerce website and require a customer’s sensitive information like their credit card information.

You can get an SSL certificate for free or also end up paying up to $1500 for it.

Website Hosting [$30 to $25,000 Annually]

You can either hire third-party services or host your website as well. If you hire a web hosting service, you will be paying anywhere from $30 to $25000, depending on the space you require.

Just like the domain name and SSL, it is also a recurring cost that you will be paying annually.

Design Theme [$1000 to $14,000]

In web development, design functionality is as important as design aesthetics. It is a deciding factor whether a user will like your website or not.

Usually, it is a one-time cost, unlike the previous web design elements. In most scenarios, simple designs are cheaper than complex designs; a company should decide the design complexity according to their target audience.

Adaptable Web Design [$2000 to $20,000]

As the name suggests, it is a responsive design that adapts to the device you are using. It increases the usability of your web page and adds to the website design cost.

Depending on several factors, a responsive design can cost you between $2000 to $20,000 price range.

Content Management System [up to $25,000]

The main web element that helps you update your web content like blogs and other written communication without messing with the web coding.

It is a convenient method, but it comes with a cost. It will cost you in the $2000 to $25,000 ballpark. If you don’t want to spend money, there are some free alternatives available in the market.

E-Commerce Option [$2000 to $24000]

It is an essential requirement for every online vendor and a quite complex process; e-commerce functionality involves the implementation of many tasks like:

  • Adding a payment option
  • Integrating payment gateways
  • Managing product pages; their description, images, etc.

It will set you back a premium, ranging from $2000 to $24,000.

Data Management [ $2000 to $20,000]

An organization has an internal or third-party database with all the valuable information about the company and customer information.

A data integration system is required for giving access to your employees and your customers. It is an expensive add-on feature that will cost you from $2000 to $20,000

Summing UP

Web Development: The Need Lead Of The Hour

It is no brainer that the credibility of an online business depends on a responsive website design. A slow website with a flawed UI/UX interface drives away the web traffic; users having blazing fast internet have zero tolerance for websites that slow up their swift browsing experience.

A well-functioning website is not a cost; instead, it is an investment that will earn you credible lead generations and boost your sales funnel, justifying the website design cost.

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