How to Set Your Art into Motion – Motion Graphics Animation

motion graphics animation

Whether there is Henrique Barone or Cindy Suen, motion graphics animation always lend a helping hand to the motion graphic artists to revamp their image over time. The research says video marketing assists businesses in growing revenue 49% faster than before.

As motion graphic artists, you need to deep dive into your character details and storyboards outlines that refer to your entire motion animation.

What’s Behind The Curtains Of Motion Graphics Animations?

Motion graphics refers to the alluring animated videos or gifs. It contains 2D, 3D, GIFS, UI animations, Icons, Logos, infographics, presentations, and other products or explainer videos to educate the audience.

motion graphics animation

Almost 20 million videos are uploaded to Facebook every month to entertain its users. Motion graphics also includes the entire audio process, sound effects, and voice-over process to make the videos more captivating and entertaining.

Almost 76% of users have intertwined with a company’s website after watching one of their videos on social media. More importantly, the quicker you figure out your character details, the more your motion graphics animations will captivate the audience with their creative gestures and enticing movements. 

Here are some dynamic and creative tips to innovative art into motion graphics animations to please your audience.

The Fanciful Sketching Phase

There are various sorts of graphics motion animation, such as text or character graphic animation. When it comes to the beginning phase, you need to develop a strong storyline. Next, create precise straight lines or curved lines to shape the versatile foundation. Straight lines are faster to make the character, and curves refer to the calm vibes.

Always come up with creative sketching on your sketching pad or your computer screen to illustrate your character dynamically to put a magical soul into your graphic motion animation. The more accurately you sketch your character or symbol, the more effectively you can fill other visual motion elements to the character you are working with by professional intentions.

Creatively draw your character on the storyboard and then sketch them with animated software to make it lively. Collect the details of your symbol or characters and avail the best directional and bold brush strokes.

The Magnifying Character Details

Character details are the most crucial element in motion graphics animation. Almost 99% of businesses will avail of the video throughout 2019, and 88% will spend more.

In our childhoods, we loved cartoon characters full of details and superpowers. You can’t create incredible power; still, you can make your character supernatural via versatile detailing.

The more characterized your character will be, the more quickly you can create it under the animation process. Nothing goes wrong when you have all the details about the character ranging from its hairs to feet. You need to show the audience what your character is doing or thinking while moving on the screen. 

You need to draw your character’s next movement and the face expressions wisely. If a character is moving somewhere, it means there is a reason for its movement. Define the reasons with the creative actions your character is trying to implement smartly. Never forget to put the facial expressions to feel the character’s movement and detailings. These little details can make your character more attractive and relevant. 

Color Up Your Characters

You are creative and creative people love colors. You can’t be an artist without knowing the psychology of colors. Always come up with the best color combinations for your graphic motion animations. You can avail your brand’s colors in your characters or animated videos to relate the audience with your brands. 

85% of Facebook videos are watched without video sound, which means the character can educate the viewers without sound. Contrast shines out the details smartly. Always contrast your characters with the most delicate color combinations to make them more aesthetic and versatile. Fill your character’s thinner and thicker areas and fill them up with alluring contrast shadings to produce versatile motion graphics animation videos

The Versatile Shading & Curves

After the sketching process, character details, and coloring up your character, the next step you have to focus on are shading and curves. Shading improves the darker areas of the characters. You can make your characters darker or lighter according to your convenience. Videos are so popular as Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos a day.

motion graphics animation

Curves can make your characters more accurate and provide real vibes. Straight-line characters usually seem boring and intense. The curved detailed characters look real and creative enough to stop the gazes on your motion graphics animation videos.

Get Influence By Life Characters

Real-life characters and their actions could be extremely advantageous and beneficial if you desire to put the real vibes in your motion graphics animation character. We all are observers somewhere; if you observe the real people, they drive a car, sit in a cafe, or run somewhere to help you draw the exact positions, movements, and curves.

Study human anatomy and focus on the long and short poses of people. 30 seconds are enough to capture the entire real-life character detail. 59% of people love to watch the video even they have an article full of information in front of them. 

You don’t need to worry about the character’s looks and detailing. Before sketching your motion graphic animation, you need to focus on the movement, feelings, expressions and poses to keep human anatomy in your mind.

Shape Up Your Characters

There are various types of shapes while making motion graphic videos. Almost 69% of people love to watch the videos and ads their friends shared on social media platforms. It is an essential tool for character design. Shapes can also assist the motion graphics artists in conveying the details of their characters ideally without lacking the core element.

Shapes also dare to explain the characters’ movements, expressions, and emotions to determine what kind of vibes they represent with their looks. The square characters look lazy and sluggish due to their boxed-shaped designs. The round-shaped characters feel funny and entertaining, and the triangle-shaped characters represent the exciting and courageous vibes of the characters. 

It does not matter which shape you will work on; You need to focus on the prime details of the actual character to make your motion graphics animation more captivating and triggering. 

The Mesmerizing Energy Lines & Trails 

Energy lines and trails have an excellent element for motion graphic artists. Energy lines and trails always show the movement and the directions of the characters at the same time.

Trails refer to the smoke an airplane leaves behind or a boat’s line behind it on the sea. The trail shows the character’s exact movement from one place to another due to its leaving trail behind the character.

You can also create some energy lines if you don’t desire to make a creative trail. Energy lines also magnify your characters with their creative and alluring vibes. These lines should be around the character’s special moves rather than be on the character’s faces.

Wrapping Up The Intelligence

The article highlights the entire process of how to fix the art into graphic motions with its creative ideas and informative ideas to make your animation more credible and marvelous at the same time. Techxide is the famous branding agency that dares to wrestle with all your animation problems and provide you a better way to shine out confidently in the digital world. 


  1. Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio to be used in multimedia projects. I am a Motion Graphics Artist with exposure in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Compositing, and Video Editing.


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