The Secret Sauce Of Producing An Award Winning Digital Content Copy

Copywriting Cost

Copywriting cost a lot because it is the soul of every marketing strategy as — the customer doesn’t buy a mattress, he buys himself a good night’s sleep. Businesses usually ignore the marketing essentials and tend to spend very low amounts on creative services such as copywriting. You might get shocked to know that Nike, a brand that pays millions to its brand endorsing athletes, just paid $2 for the famous Nike’s Swoosh logo design.

Copywriting cost is actually a long term investment. We are not making this up we are just stating the fact. According to Neil Patel, who is an influential marketer and entrepreneur,

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

The time is gone when copywriting was neglected, now with the boost in digital content, it is considered as the king of the marketing world. A survey done by Marketing Magazine suggests that the copywriting industry will be worth $300 billion in the near future.

Harvest Words And Reap ROI

Without a doubt, content marketing is the tool of the future. The wave of digitalization has boosted the worth of content strategy because unlike before, ROI can be calculated. According to Demand Metric,

78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing.

But Why?

Copywriting is everywhere: the videos we see, all blogs we read, emails, DVCs, each and everything that has some sort of information to it is considered content marketing. Words have the power to achieve high ROI because it attracts people by convincing them according to your will. It is a busy world where the attention span of consumers has decreased and marketers have just a few seconds to attract them; an effective and brief copy is a perfect tool to convince your target segment into buying your product/service.

Copywriting is a crucial element of a branding strategy as well; a branding strategy without a brilliant copy is a big let down. Digital content bridges the gap between the brand and its consumers; it is a tool for communicating with the masses. According to stats provided by Demand Metric, Almost 80% of the people like to learn about a company through custom content.

You Can’t Afford Poor Copywriting

The businesses that hire cheap copywriting services often disconnect with the audience. A good and concise copy builds trust that helps the business to generate leads. A poorly written copy will crush your brand reputation because it lacks the power of persuasion.

What is the purpose of the digital content if the copy is unable to convince your consumer into making a decision? A writer needs to be focused on his goal while creating a copy: choice of words, appropriate tone, and a specific call to action are required to gain the attention of the consumers.

Words that are planned and optimized to drive
traffic don’t come Cheap!

Copy Speaks To Your Consumers

According to a survey conducted in 2015, 56% of the marketers think that personalized contentment strategy yields more engagements. Personalized content strategy connects with your consumers and helps generate more ROI than generic content. Though it adds to the copywriting cost, the lead generation will help you forget about the spending.

Personalized content encourages consumers to engage with the brand on a more personal level that creates a positive bond between the company and consumers. The relatability factor of the company vision with the consumer makes it easier for the brand to convince the consumer behavior in their favor.

Copywriting Cost

Types Of Copywriting

The world of digital content may not be as simple as it may seem; with the formation of different digital platforms and mediums to communicate, different styles of copywriting have been introduced. Each style has its own specific tone specific to the medium it is used for.  Let’s look into the different types and the copywriting cost associated with each style.

SEO Copywriting Cost [Can cost from $50 to $25,000 per page]

Search engine optimized digital content is the need of the hour. People search for everything on the internet and use certain keywords; when someone searches about any service that is related to your business, you need to rank high above the search engine. SEO optimized content is the way forward for achieving that goal. SEO copywriting includes:

  • Landing Website Pages
  • Blogs
  • Product Copy
  • E-commerce Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Guidelines

The purpose of SEO writing is to generate content that will help you generate traffic. A copywriting service ensures that the content they provide you with has:

  • Keywords – These are the secret weapons that help you top the search engine results. Extensive research is required to determine the phrases, and an incompetent writer may fail to provide you with appropriate keywords, which can seriously damage your rank
  • Research-Based Content – Before writing on any subject, writers spend some time researching about the topic, after which they are able to optimize the content, which helps you with your website ranking

SEO is a more expensive writing option as it requires an extra skillset i.e. the SEO strategist. No doubt, SEO content will add to the copywriting cost, but it is the way forward for a traffic-generating web page.

PPC Copywriting Cost [Can cost from $30 to $400 per Ad]

Pay per click ads are concise but are tricky at the same time. A writer must squeeze the entire essence of the message into three to four words, or else the effectiveness will be lost.

  • Social Media Ads
  • Website Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Google Ads

A strong and effective Ad copy should include:

  • A strong Call To Action – A writer should be very clear about the action he wants from the viewer. Ads with clear CTA have higher click rates and are more likely to convert as well
  • Optimized Copy – Content should depict the intentions of the consumer. The effectiveness increases manyfolds, if the writer is able to mirror the thoughts of a consumer
  • Research –  strong research is the base of every writing, but for a PPC ad a writer needs to be extra careful because he needs to deliver the entire message in a fewer word count. A writer may take a look at different ad references to have a clearer idea of the context

Don’t let the fewer word count fool you into believing that it will not add to your copywriting cost. Despite the size of the copy, PPC copywriting is the most expensive form that may cost you upto $500 for a single ad. If you are looking to hire a digital content marketing agency, then you should keep in mind that most of the agencies provide the entire PPC management services, not just the PPC copywriting.

Email Copywriting Cost [Can cost from $100 to $3000 per Email]

Email copywriting is a traditional way of marketing; businesses invest heavily in email copywriting because of its formal tone. According to a report, about 35% of the entire population uses an email that is about 2.5 billion people.

It is a better tool for B2B marketing strategies because corporate culture takes emails quite seriously. The customer acquisition rate of email marketing also makes social media marketing clumsy. A study suggests that customer acquisition via email marketing has quadrupled in recent years. Email copywriting includes:

  • Proposal Emails
  • Welcome Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Survey Emails

Good digital content marketing agencies provide copies that will ensure high ROI because copywriters follow a process before they write an email campaign for a business.

  • User-readability – the copy should be concise and to the point so that the reader doesn’t skim through the entire copy
  • Email Testing – A firm tests the effectiveness of the email first hand, so you get an email copy without any king of errors

A copywriting style that looks cheap but trusts me, an email campaign can set you back upto $2000. Yes you read it right! But you get what you pay for – according to Campaign Monitor, you can get a $44 return on every dollar spent; that is about 4400% of ROI.

Factors Affecting The Price

Every agency/ freelancer will give you different prices for their copywriting services. It is a vast industry where prices start as low as $30 and can go as high as $5000 per page.

In the copywriting world, a higher price tag does not guarantee that you will get the best; if you are fortunate enough, you can get a mind-blowing at a very reasonable rate. However, it doesn’t mean that you should hire a cheap copywriting service to reduce the copywriting cost. For your understanding, the following are the elements that will decide the pricing index:


A copywriter who has created numerous numbers of copywriting campaigns will obviously charge a premium. He will have an extensive portfolio to back up his demanded price. Usually, experienced copywriters are preferred because they can deliver quality in less duration. Moreover, experience teaches a copywriter to grasp the minute details that the clients want in their project.

Planning And Strategy

Planning and strategy are an integral part of every marketing method. Without a proper plan, you are bound to lose track. Content strategists ensure quality copywriting aligned with your content needs specific to the digital medium. A strategy keeps the campaign consistent and makes it possible for the campaign to reach the target lead generation.

Word Count

The rule is simple: you pay more according to your word count requirement. An article with a greater word count requires an extra amount of research and time, hence they cost more.

The content style also determines the amount that you will have to pay. For example, the price per word for an Email copy will be greater as compared to that of an article. However, greater word count doesn’t translate to being the best; an agency can provide you with thousands of words per day, but only a few will optimize that content for you.


The complexity of the copy greatly influences the price. Certain niches are very difficult to write on; they require extra research coupled with extensive knowledge of that topic.


Some copywriters are niche-specific and will only write on selective topics. Such copywriters usually specialize in a certain field of work and therefore charge a premium price tag for their copywriting services.

Agency vs Freelancer

An agency will always be a costlier option when compared to a freelancer because an agency has a team of professionals to pay. Not always, but if you are looking to get more than one copywriting service or want a long-running content marketing campaign, then an agency is the way forward.


There are times when a company needs updated content on their digital platforms on an urgent basis; a company should expect a higher price quote in such instances. Time is money; so, the shorter the deadline, the pricier the copywriting cost.

Coming To A Close

The power of words can’t go obsolete; humans have always communicated through words and have been attracted to the magic of storytelling. Businesses are now realizing the importance of copywriting and are dedicating a fair amount to copy related marketing. According to a report, Around 88% of the marketers catering to B2B services have started investing in content marketing strategies.

Around 88% of the marketers catering to B2B services have started investing in content marketing strategies.

Digital content marketing has now been recognized as the most effective way to generate organic ROI, as the words have the tendency to mold the consumer’s perception in a brand’s favor.

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