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Saif Malik

Words are all I have, and words are all I will ever need — a writer at heart who looks at every aspect of life as a story looking to be told.



A Complete Guide to Renovating Your Website for Thanksgiving

The day of gratitude, sharing love, and having lots of turkeys is just around the corner. However, due to the rise of COVID-19, Thanksgiving will be different this year.

The Anatomy of a Modern Logo Design

A logo design agency can charge you up to millions for a modern logo design. But what makes it so expensive? Read this blog to find out more.

How to Get Leads by Publishing Content

Brand publishing is the visionaries of content marketing. They're the companies and brands that view content as not just a marketing tool.

The Magic Of Creating An Award Winning Website Design

The website design cost depends on the extent of experience, skills, and portfolio of a freelancer. First, consider your goals for the project.

The Science Behind Creating An Award Winning Logo Design

In theory, a logo is a vector graphic icon that represents your brand and can be converted to any size without the loss of information.

Understanding the 7 Types of Logo Design-Which One to Choose?

Creating a stellar logo design is just the tip of an iceberg in the branding process but the amount of detail and research that goes into designing a unique logo makes it an extensive procedure.

The Unknown Direct Effects Of Branding On Consumers’ Mind

Consumer behavior has changed in recent years throughout the social classes and everyone needs to change the brand design according to this. People now prefer to buy branded products because they perceive them as a sign of class and style. 

How To Beat Competitors With A Thought Provoking Logo Design

The goal of every business is to lead the competition; no business aims to be the second-best, everyone wants the lion’s share in the market segment. The logo design agency leaves no...

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